Revolutionary New Motorcycle Helmet Launched

Original Post: ThermaHelm™, a revolutionary brain cooling helmet technology, is set to make its commercial launch at the Carole Nash Motorcycle Live 2010 show this month in Birmingham (NEC Birmingham, 27th November – 5th December, 2010). All head injuries involve brain damage at some level and occur in 80% of all motorcyclist fatalities. ThermaHelm™ is a revolutionary helmet technology which could save the lives of hundreds of motorcyclists each year. A key factor in motorbike head injuries is brain swelling inside the cranium and the response time to address the issue. ThermaHelm™ technology helps to mitigate this problem by cooling the rider’s head post-accident. ThermaHelm™ technology works by triggering an endothermic chemical reaction inside the helmet lining at the moment of impact, to immediately cool the rider’s head, post-accident. ThermaHelm™ inventor Julian J. Preston-Powers explains; “A standard helmet acts like an insulator. The polystyrene foam found in all motorcycle helmets is the same white foam that is installed in the walls of refrigerators and portable coolers. It’s the perfect energy absorber, and insulator. The helmet acts like an oven to an already hot, sweaty head causing post accident brain temperatures to potentially reach a fatal threshold.

This is how motorcycle riders can die. “ThermaHelm™ acts by cooling a rider’s head post-accident, keeping brain swelling under control even before the emergency services have been called. Our stringent testing procedures in bringing this to market, as well as the science behind it means that ThermaHelm™ will save lives; so much so in fact that riding without ThermaHelm™ technology is like driving without an airbag.

It’s not worth the risk. In addition, our GPS Emergency Beacon Transmitter will call our base-station operators and alert emergency services to the downed rider’s exact GPS coordinates.” Press Call and Launch will be held at 2pm, Monday, 27th November at Stand B001 Hall 2. For more information visit: Notes: ThermaHelm™ inventor Julian J Preston-Powers is available for interview. Contact: Dale Lovell on 01753 859 588 / 0779 1414 681. E-mail: About ThermaHelm ThermaHelm™ was invented by neuro-protective specialist Julian Joshua Preston-Powers in 2005. ThermaHelm® Technology has been granted Greenlight Status from UK Trade & Investment as a Technology of Exceptional Potential and was finalist in the 2009 ‘Best of British Innovation Awards’.

ThermaHelm® is the most revolutionary and innovative redesign of the Motorcycle Safety Helmet in over fifty years. This unique life-saving technology actively helps protect your brain – not just your head, in the event of an accident. Industry Comment: ThermaHelm Ltd are well equipped to aid journalists on a number of motorcycle related topics and can offer comment on motorcycle technology, safety and evolution. Images & Downloads For more information on ThermaHelm™, images, logos and more visit: Press Contacts: Dale Lovell, Search News Media, on 01753 859 588 / 0779 1414 681. E-mail:

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