New car seat shields baby

Original Article: The Carkoon, invented by British engineers is a rear facing seat that could be out as early as next year following rigorous testing.

An airbag, rigid enough to create a shield to protect baby from head to toe folds out on impact leaving enough breathing space for 20 minutes of complete enclosure. An easy release mechanism means baby can be freed quickly following an accident by swiveling the chair towards the car door.

The Carkoon is also completely fireproof and will protect little ones from a blaze following an accident by encapsulating them with plenty of breathing space.

The airbag will protect babies from objects that fly around in the car after the impact of a crash such as sat navs and the design team have even successfully bounced a brick off of the rigid barrier. The inventor has said that some of the car seats will come with a built in device to send a signal to the emergency services telling them there has been an accident with a baby involved so that they can prioritise the call out.

The inspiration

Inventor Jullian Preston-Powers, of Brighton-based Cool Technologies, came up with the idea after speaking to a fireman who had badly burnt his hands after trying to save a baby from a burning vehicle. Sadly, the child didn’t survive but did inspire this unique safety creation.

With expected costs of the Carkoon at £499, it’s considerably more than a standard car seat but could provide that piece of mind that parents are looking for.

Before being released to the market, the Carkoon must prove it poses no risk to babies and that it will not hinder their rescue from a car in the event of an accident.

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