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Ice-packing helmet could save lives

Original Post: It’s Eureka moments like these that make for great stories. Two Brit pals play basketball. Elbow of friend meets head of buddy. Ice packs get handed out for injuries. Friend dumps pack in buddy’s motorcycle helmet to relieve chilled fingers. Buddy accidentally dons helmet with ice pack inside. And instead of bobbing friend one on chin, exclaims how good it feels. Light bulb goes off as friend conceives of brain-cooling helmet that could save biker lives.

So there we have it, one ThermaHelm helmet that will cost you a pretty penny at 299 pounds ($490), but that could potentially save your life on the road. Comprising a carbon-fiber lid, the lining contains two lightweight chemical packs–one water, the other ammonium nitrate–which mix together on impact, acting like an instant ice pack. This cools the brain, reducing the risk of brain trauma and saving the lives of road warriors who commute on two wheels.

Inventor Jullian Preston-Powers is already working on a more sophisticated edition. Costing 499 pounds ($815), this version will come with a video camera, GPS, and Bluetooth, and be out in the U.K. come July.

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