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Original Article: Rainbow Medical is assisting ThermaHelm/Cooltech Ltd in producing the latest innovative motorcycle crash helmets.

Motorcycle helmets have been the major contributing factor to the safety and protection of Motorcycle riders for many years. When motorcycles were invented back in 1868, they were not powered by a petrol engine, but a steam engine. As you can imagine, they were very slow, and only marginally quicker than a pedal operated cycle, so there was no need people thought, to wear protective helmets.

ThermaHelm® by Julian Preston-Powers is a revolutionary brain cooling motorcycle helmet technology that could save your life. Riding without ThermaHelm technology is like driving without an airbag.

ThermaHelm® technology works by triggering an endothermic chemical reaction inside the helmet lining at the moment of impact. The helmet immediately cools the motorcyclists head, keeping it cold even before the emergency services could have been called.

The technology is fitted to the very best existing motorcycle helmets that have passed stringent safety tests. By combining these quality helmets with this revolutionary brain cooling device, ThermaHelm can give a much needed lifeline to victims of motorcycle accidents.

Traumatic brain injury accounts for the largest number of motorcycle accident deaths. Trauma causes the brain to swell uncontrollably – to survive you need to be treated immediately.

ThermaHelm’s patented ThermaPak system instantly cools the head on impact, limiting neurological damage and increasing your chances of recovery.

Only ThermaHelm’s HALO Helmet has the life saving ThermaPak device. Hand made with carbon fibre and DuPont Kevlar® – nothing is stronger or safer.

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