Children Car Safety Restraints

Original Post: Every three minutes, someone dies in a car accident. But, since all 50 states now require car restraints for children, the number of kids dying in a car crash has been dramatically reduced.

Car accidents kill more kids between the ages of 3 and 14 than anything else. Recent statistics show that states with stronger child restraint laws, including booster seats which use the car’s seat belts for older kids, are saving more children.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released their latest recommendations. Using test dummies representing an average six year old, they were able to measure the effectiveness of each seat. Out of 83 booster seats evaluated, a record 31 seats were listed as “best bets,” meaning they were safe and effective. Five of the seats evaluated were “good bets” and six were not recommended.

The fit is important. Lap belts should lie flat across the child’s upper thighs and the shoulder belt cross snugly over the middle of the shoulder. Not using a seatbelt the right way with a booster seat can actually cause damage in a crash, including spine and internal organ injuries.

The complete list of car booster seats can be found at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s website at

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