British inventor creates ultimate baby car seat

Original Article: A British inventor has created a baby car seat featuring a fold-over airbag that cocoons the child in the event of a crash.

The Carkoon, created by Julian Preston-Powers, should be on sale next year, when it could become the safest baby seat on the market – and certainly the most innovative.

Set to cost around £500 – four to five times more than an average baby seat – the Carkoon’s airbag deploys upon collision, but unlike a regular car airbag, it stays rigid.

It’s designed to protect the baby from being hit by flying objects after a crash; innocuous objects inside a car can strike and kill a child, even during a fairly low speed collision.

The airbag is made from Kevlar so it’s fireproof, and once deployed it gives the child around 20 minutes of air.

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